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Our Services 

Our management fee starts at 20%

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StayAirbnb offers rental management services on Airbnb properties. We are constantly working towards seeing our clients garner increased income while enjoying their time by relying on our services which are meant to help at every step of the property management process.

At StayAirbnb, we focus on market research before contracting any new property. Thoroughly going through the available data and conducting the market research to come up with the best projection of your property’s income potential each time, we dwell into conducting good research in order to evaluate the approximate daily price and occupancy rate. The estimated income potential of the property provided by us, offers clarity to our potential clients in making an informed decision about whether to move forward with it or not. If you decide on going ahead with our property management services, we ensure that you receive the highest return possible. Once we have you on board with us, all you have to do is to trust the process, sit back and relax before you start receiving the residual income in your bank account.

Set Up Process

Based on your preference and specific requirements, we provide you with the service of setting up your house. You can customize the services based on your requirements and budget. The decision entirely lies in your hands to either choose to let the experts weave their magic of transforming your property under a budget that you have. 


Another important aspect of great property management is its presentation. Professional photography of your property would ensure that every corner of your Airbnb listing looks appealing to potential guests. We have a team of photographers at StayAirbnb who are trained to take the most strategic and attractive shots to effectively market your property for success. The photographers are well-skilled in taking shots that highlight the aesthetics of the property and make the pictures look as good as the property looks in reality. The in-house professional photography services are optional for our clients. If you are skilled in this area and wish to take care of the photography part on your own or would like to hire someone else for the same, you can choose to do so.


Multiple components go into making any property listing attractive. Having an attractive listing is a crucial part of any rental property management services. It takes more than just having professionally clicked pictures of the property to have a perfect listing. Excellently written content that highlights the key elements of your property and mentions other related information so that your property attracts quality guests. We are right here to take care of everything that makes a listing stand out.

Guest Booking & Payments

Handling guest bookings and payments for your rental property can be gruesome and utterly confusing for the clients. This is where we step in and keep track of customer queries, bookings, and payments. We use professional methods to streamline the process that keeps everything organized for your comfort. Other than taking care of errorless booking and payments, we coordinate between various listing companies to keep a tab on any additional costs that may be incurred by some guests.

Guest Screening & Noise Control

Our rental management services include screening for quality visitors irrespective of their long-term or short-term rentals. One of our top objectives is to make sure that your home is well-cared for by all the guests that would stay there. To ensure that, we thoroughly screen every visitor before their arrival to make sure they are likely to treat their Airbnb properties with respect and care. As an added measure of safety, our Airbnb management services also include the use of a noise monitoring device for your property. The device notifies us when the noise levels start to get out of hand. This enables us to step in to avoid any possible issues from occurring with the neighbors.

Check In/Out & Communications

For the guests that stay at your property, short-term rentals like Airbnb and others are an alternative to hotels. The guest would expect to receive hotel-standard services throughout their stay and that is not possible to deliver without a dedicated Airbnb manager. This area can be daunting because hosts may get calls from visitors while they are at work, out socializing, or even in the middle of the night while they try to sleep. To avoid that happening, as a seasoned Airbnb management firm, we have the required skills, resources, and knowledge to cater to even the most demanding guests with round-the-clock concierge services.

Professional Housekeeping

Our housekeeping services lets you keep your property spick and span every time the guest checks out! The task may seem to be easy to handle but anyone who has ever had an experience of renting their property would very well understand the condition in which their homes are left most of the time when the guests leave. It is best to let the professional cleaners who are a part of our Airbnb management services do their job of thoroughly cleaning even the smallest space of the property so that no garbage gets left behind as clean properties are often the top priority of potential guests and leave a great impression. 

Restocking Household Items

Keeping a track of all the household items is one of the many responsibilities of an Airbnb Manager. Quite certainly, among the long list of tasks that lie at the hand of an inexperienced Airbnb manager, keeping up with the inventory of home goods as a part of day-to-day activities may get missed out. An experienced Airbnb Manager at StayAirbnb maintains an accurate inventory of all household goods to make sure that the property is constantly well-stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, hygiene items, dishwashing supplies, and other necessities. We provide guests with clean linens and towels as part of our housekeeping services and also replace the old linen that starts to fray and wear out, with new ones.


Wear and tear is often bound to take place where the property is frequently rented out. To keep the property maintained, the wear and tear need repair services from time to time. Our Airbnb management firm has an in-house handyman who provides professional property maintenance and repair services for both normal wear and tear and any specific damage caused by the guest. We also arrange to hire outside help if more specific skills or third-party assistance is necessary.